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Hwasung Fasteners is a professional fastener manufacturer that has been leading the special fastener market based on exclusive proprietary technologies since its foundation in 1988. Through continuous technology development and accumulated professional experiences and know-how, Hwasung has provided numerous projects at home and abroad with rigid qualification standards with quality products satisfying customer needs even at extreme high and low temperature or pressure.

Hwasung manufactures products that comply with diverse industrial codes such as ASME, ASTM, KEPIC, IFI, DIN, KS and JIS, while precisely understanding what a customer wants and expects from us. With flexible application of its proprietary technologies, Hwasung has differentiated its offerings with competitors and acquired enviable market competitiveness. We believe we could not have achieved the growth we have undergone in a relatively short time overcoming a short history without the supports and interests from our customers as well as our collective efforts for quality improvement and customer satisfaction. We promise to provide customers with quality products with the highest value through consistent quality management and technological development.

We will do our best and be truthful so that we can develop a relationship with any customer.

Thank you.
Won Il-bong, CEO of Hwasung Fasteners


  • Vision
  • Misson
  • Slogan
  • 올해의 슬로건 : 새 역사를 창조하자!


  • New Challenge&Leap
  • Expansion&Growth
  • Founding&Base Firming
    • 1995
      01 Month Earned QPCⅢ(ASMEⅢ) quality approval for Wolseong nuclear
      power plant by HYUNDAI Eng. & Construction Co., Ltd
    • 1994
      06 Month Got quality approved for the Nuclear power plant use by KEPCO[Korea Electric Power Corporation]
    • 1989
      03 Month Registered as fastener supplier to Hyundai heavy industy
    • 1988
      09 Month Established HWASUNG FASTENRS Co., Ltd.
    • 2010
      07 Month Establishment of R&D center
      08 Month “One-KEPCO expor business group” organized by KEPCO
      10 Month Earned a certificate of approval for ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 29001 by LRQA Korea
      Earned a certificate of approval for ISO 14001 by LRQA Korea
    • 2009
      01 Month Approved of a vendor by SAMREF in Saudi aravia (SAUDI Aramco EXXON MOBIL)
      04 Month Accredited certificate of global brand 2002 choice company by KOTRA
    • 2006
      08 Month Heat treatment line set up(at Kimhae-si)
    • 2005
      05 Month Had quality system approved by KEPIC-MN/SN by KEA
    • 2000
      04 Month Approved of vendor by Korea national gas corporation
      10 Month Approved of a vendor for nuclear power plant (ASME SECⅢ)
    • 1999
      04 Month Approved of “Q” class (ASME section Ⅲ) vendor by KEPCO
      Accredited a “Q” class (ASME section & KEPIC-MN/SN)
    • 1998
      01 Month Approved as a QAP Ⅲ(ASME section Ⅲ)vendor for KEPIC
      (Korea Electric Power Industry Code)by Korea heavy industry
    • 1997
      01 Month Approved of vendor bt ”Q” class (ASME sectionⅢ) for Youngkwang nuclear power plant 04 Month Earmed a certificate of approval for “ISO 9001” by KPC-QA
    • 2021
      Feb. Approval for Fastener of API (America Petroleum Institute)
    • 2020
      04 Month Bapco oil refinery's expension pjt. by Italy's TechnipFMC
    • 2019
      05 Month BECHTEL- Sabine Pass Liquefaction Project Stage 4
      01 Month Business agreement with Hydro group(United Kingdom)
    • 2018
      07 Month ITER(International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, FRANCE) pjt.
    • 2017
      01 Month Accredited a “Q” class by Sin-gori 5,6 nuclear power plant
      02 Month Approved of a vendor of saline water conversion corporation (SWCC) in Saudi arabia
    • 2016
      01 Month Earned a certificate of approval for OHSAS 18000: 2007 by GERMAN cert.
      02 Month Earned a certificate of approval for NORSOK M-650 by DNV & HHI
      07 Month Earned a certificate of approval for NORSOK M-650 by MRC Energy-Piping, Equinor(TR-2000)
    • 2015
      09 Month Exclusive vendor registration of Samsung Eng. clean fuel pjt.(KNPC)
      03 Month Established 2nd production plant and moved R&D center (to 33 Dulleom-gil, Yangsan, Korea)
    • 2012
      07 Month Earned a certificate of approval for PED(CE) by LOQA Korea
    • 2011
      04 Month Approved of a vendor by Achilles JQS(for the oil industry in norway and denmark)
      05 Month Accredited a “Q” class by Shinuljin nuclear power plant
      Accredited a “Q” class by UAE BNPP nuclear power plant




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